Success Stories

From long-lost grandchildren to hidden gold, HeirSearch cases are anything but ordinary.

Please Note: Although accurate in scope, all identifying information such as names, dates and locations have been changed in order to protect the privacy of individuals.

It Started with a Photograph

An entire family history on the back of a single photograph. When an elderly matriarch passed away, she took her fami...

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What’s in a Name?

The truth was hiding in plain sight. Was their information incorrect, or had the rightful heirs simply disappeared? W...

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Gone Without A Trace

An unexpected inheritance helped a man get back on his feet. The man hadn’t had contact with his family for years, bu...

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Cold Case Solved

How do you search for heirs to solve a decade-old cold case? The bank assumed control of a woman’s financial affairs ...

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Long Lost Grandson

Building trust to find the truth. Did the lost heir even exist? A widow was reluctant to speak about her family with ...

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Hidden in Plain Sight

No one expects to find a hidden treasure. Cleaners discovered $7.4 million in gold hidden in Milton Hyde’s home after...

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