Success Stories

Gone Without A Trace

An unexpected inheritance helped a man get back on his feet.

The man hadn’t had contact with his family for years, but when he was named in his uncle’s will as the heir to a sizeable trust, the search to locate this family member was on. 


It had been 25 years since anyone had last seen or heard from Dane. He had no contact with his family and had seemingly disappeared without a trace.

When Dane’s uncle passed away, he left him a large trust in his will. Dane had fallen off the radar, so how would he get his inheritance? Dane had no known previous address or any electronic footprints, but HeirSearch experts were ready for the challenge.

To locate a missing family member, HeirSearch looked to his friends 

We managed to locate one of Dane’s previous associates, who provided us with new information and a legitimate lead. A few days later, we located Dane. He had recently become homeless and was in desperate need of back surgery. 

When he received the trust from his uncle’s will, Dane was overcome with emotion and gratitude. Thanks to the funds he received, Dane bought a house and paid for his much-needed surgery. 

Thanks to HeirSearch’s specialized expertise, our forensic genealogists were able to solve the case, even without an address or contact information.


Disclaimer: Although accurate in scope, all identifying information such as names, dates and locations have been changed in order to protect the privacy of individuals.